unique and made from scratch for you

Each swimsuit is handmade, unique and made from scratch for you by completing your online order! Choose your favorite swimsuit in a timely fashion, giving us 7-10 business days for delivery.


save up to 20% off


save up to 20% off

We took our love for fashion and our desire for creation and we joined them with blood ties. So we started the family of meilleures soeurs and we invite you to meet us!

inspired by sun

save up to 20% off

With inspiration from the sun and the sea, and always having as constant values the high quality and the importance of the timeless, we make handmade knitted swimsuits for all of you who like to stand out! Our goal is to combine the traditional art of knitting with the new trends of the season into a unique result. Follow us!

ασφαλείς συναλλαγές

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